Michael De Quesada at Watkins Glen

Racing In The Rain

The weather is predictably unpredictable here at Watkins Glen. Then again, racing is unpredictable, so it is fitting.

After the train wreck that was race one on the previous day, the wet conditions for race two were somewhat welcome and would serve to slow the field just a little. The lineup competitors was noticeably thinner today with about 6 cars MIA from yesterday’s ‘incident’ – in case you haven’t heard about that click here.

The line up of 34 GT3 Cup cars, all with their rain boots on, was still a sight to behold, and anticipation filled the air.

Michael De Quesada started out in 4th place in the field of Canadian Platinum Cup contenders and would find himself mid-pack amongst his Canadian and US counterparts.

The green flag dropped, and the cars sprang to life. After the field successfully negotiated the first turn, the race settled into a nice groove, and the rain started to ease up.

Michael found himself looking at the tail lights of the Lauzon Porsche entry for a good part of the race.

Michael De Quesada - The Chase
Michael De Quesada chasing down the number 77 Porsche.

However, he began pushing his GT3 and went to work closing the gap lap by lap. With only a few laps remaining Michael made his move and managed to nose pass the 77 car. The pass was short lived as the Lauzon driver reclaimed his place moments after. Michael continued to press forcing the number 77 car to drive his mirrors, eventually forcing the driver to make an error which provided Michael with an opening to secure P3 for his class.

Immediately after driving his car to the winner’s circle, Michael jumped out of the GT3 Cup car and into the waiting GT3 R as he would be on deck to help qualify the number 28 car for the 6 hours at the Glen WeatherTech race.